The EnviroMon data logging system allows you record and monitoring various parameters on a 24/7 basis for example:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • and much more!
A graph and spreadsheet can then be produced to display the results of the data logging.

How Does EnviroMon Work

The EnviroMon system a wired data logging/recording system.   It consists a central data recording module, (EL005 data logger), which is initially configured on computer using the supplied EnviroMon software, which is free.  The logger can then either be left connected to the computer to see live readings, or it can be disconnected  from the computer and then later connected back to download the recorded data. The data logger/recorder is just one part of the system, converter modules connect to the logger and to each other via a network cable where all the converters communicate with the logger.  The converter modules, as the name implies, convert the real world readings from a sensor, i.e. temperature, humidity, current, ect. into a digital reading which is sent back on the network to the logger.  The logger can then store the data and when connected to the PC transfer it on the computers hard drive for permanent storage. Up to 15 convertors can be connected to one logger, and these can be mixed and matched.  So for example, in a factory you could be measuring the temperature of a walk in fridge, the temperature and humidity of some office space, the current usage of the factory and more. The network system can be up to 400 metres long from the logger to the furthest converter, although it can be longer with better quality cabling.  This means the converter modules can be dotted around your office, factory or laboratory close to their measurement point. The network comprises of 4 wires, power, ground and two data lines. Alarm modules are connected in exactly the same way as converters, the only difference is that they either sound an alarm or switch a relay.  These can be triggered if the user programmes in a alarm threshold.  This for example could be if the temperature goes above or below a certain value.


A range of convertors are available for different purposes: EL001 :  Used to measure very accurate temperature in the range of -30C to 70C, it can also be used to monitor switches ON/OFF so this can be used to detect if a door is closed or open. EL026:  This is the temperature and humidity convertor and it comes with the EL030 temperature and humidity sensor EL041:  This is a 4 channel thermocouple convertor and can measure any kind of thermocouple with its wide temperature range of  -270 to 1820°CEL040:  Current convertor, used to measure up to 3 phases current consumption. EL037: General Purpose voltage/current convertor, this is used to measure any kind of third party sensor and accepts 4-20mA sensors as well as voltage sensors, using the scaling in the software this can be converted into the desired readings.


The EL006 is an audible alarm that is triggered when alarm thresholds are configured in EnviroMon. The EL042 is a more advanced alarm, that can switch 3 relays when an alarm threshold is configured as well as an audible alarm. The EL019 is a speech dialler unit which can be coupled with the EL042 alarm relay unit to dial a list of telephone numbers and play a recorded message when an alarm has been breached.   EnviroMon Application Examples

Temperature & Humidity Recording

  • Measuring furnace temperatures
  • Heat treatment, Metal Casting, and glass furnace companies.
  • Laboratroy use – EnviroMon is used in laboratories to monitor, fridges , freezers and incubators.
  • Pharmaceutical storage:  Monitoring the temperature of the warehouse that the pharmaceuticals are stored.
  • Calibration Houses:  As an independent system to monitor temperature of chambers.
  • Server Room:  Used in IT server rooms to asses the temperature and humidity.
  • Food Factories:  To monitor the fridges, freezers and general temperature of a factory.

Current Recording:

To monitor the 3 phase energy use of any kind of factory and asses the energy usage habits. This can help reduce bills by monitoring the current usage on a 24 hours basis to see if energy is being used at times that it shouldn’t and if there is more load on different phases.