100 meter network cable

100 meter 4 core network cable.

Part Number 021-916 Category



100 meter 4 core network cable.

Circular 4-core, 7/0.2mm tinned copper, Cordaplas “TG” PVC insulated (0.2mm wall), cores laid
up, PVC sheathed, tubed, (0.5mm wall), to BS 4737, Section 3.30, 1986.

Conductor: 7/0.2mm (0.22mm2) tinned annealed copper, wired laid straight, meeting
the requirements of BS 6360.

Insulation: Type 2 PVC compound as BS 7655 Part 3 Section 3.2.
Minimum wall thickness = 0.15mm.
Maximum diameter = 1.05mm.
One red, one blue, one yellow and one black core laid up.
One polyester rip-cord laid longitudinally.

Sheath (tubed): Type TM1 PVC compound to BS 7655 Part 4 Section 4.1.
Nominal wall thickness = 0.5mm.
Nominal overall diameter = 3.4mm.

Service data: Maximum continuous operating temperature = 70°C.
Maximum conductor resistance at 20°C (per core) = 92.4 Ohms/km.
Maximum operating voltage = 50 V DC.
Approximate mass per unit length = 18.5kg/km