CM3 current data logger

CM3 Current Data Logger

3 channel AC current monitoring data logger for 3 phase current monitoring.

Part Number 018-154 Category



The PicoLog CM3 Current Data logger is an affordable simple solution for monitoring current usage for buildings and machinery.

PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger Specifications
Number of chanels 3
Range (voltage input) 0 to 1 V AC RMS
Accuracy (voltage input)
< 200 mV RMS ±1%
< 1 V RMS ±2.5%
RMS Noise 60 µV
Resolution 24 bit
Conversion time per enabled channel 720 ms
Voltage input 1 V RMS, 20 Hz to 1 kHz
Input connectors 4 mm sockets
Input impedance >1 M?, AC coupled
Overvoltage protection ±30 V DC