EL042 Alarm and Relay Unit

EL042 Alarm & Relay Unit

The EL042 is an advanced alarm with 3 relay outputs, 1 audible alarm. It can also work in backwards compatibility mode as an EL018 unit.

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The EL042 alarm and relay unit, is a flexible module that can output three independent relays as well as an audible alarm.

EL042 Specification
Connectors 2 x network connector
1 x output connector
1 x power connector
Indicators 1 x red LED
Output connector DE9M
Power connector DC 1.3 mm
12 V unregulated input @ 200 mA max.
Positive on centre pin
External power adaptor 12 V unregulated @ 500 mA
EL042 power supply modes From external power supply, network or internal battery
Battery Rechargeable NiMH module
Compliance CE (EMC)
Environmental 0 °C to 70 °C
10% to 90% humidity
not waterproof