PicoLog 1012 Voltage Data Logger

PicoLog 1012 Voltage Data Logger

High speed, low cost, multiple channel data logger (10 bits , 12 inputs at 0-2.5V)

Part Number 018-118 Category



PicoLog1012 Specification
Maximum sampling rate
Continuous streaming
Real–time continuous
Block mode#1
1 kS/s per channel in PicoLog, 100 kS/s shared by all channels using the supplied SDK
1 kS/s or greater
1 MS/s single–channel
Buffer memory 8000 samples, shared by all channels
Analog inputs 12 (Except in USB ADC-11 compatibility mode)
Analog bandwidth (-3 dB) DC to 70 kHz
Input type Single–-ended, unipolar
Input voltage range 0 to +2.5 V
Linearity (at 25 °C) 1 LSB
Resolution 10 bits
Accuracy 1%
Overload protection ±30 V to ground
Input coupling DC
Input impedance 1 MΩ
Digital output (D0…D3) 2
Digital outputs (PWM)
duty cycle
Digital outputs (all)
logic low voltage
logic high voltage
current limit
100 mV (typical)
3.3 V
1 kΩ resistors in series with outputs
Power output for sensors 2.5 V @ 10 mA, current–limited