SE041 PT100 probe, high-temperature

SE041 High temperature PT100 Probe

Stainless steel braided cable, Dimensions: 6mm x 150mm x 2m



Most high temperature applications usually require a custom sensor due to the extreme environments and effects of heat on materials. The SE041 is a general purpose platinum resistance thermometer probe for use in high-temperature applications, such as ovens and furnaces with entry hole mounts.

It features a stainless steel braided cable to increase overall ruggedness and reduce heat transmission down the cable.

The probe shaft (sensing part) is 150 mm long and is crimped at the cable entry end. The crimp and cable should not be mounted inside ovens.

*SE041 PT100 probe specifications
Temperature range –60 to +500 °C
Accuracy Class B: ±0.3 °C @ 0 °C | ±2.8 °C @ 500 °C
150 mm
6 mm
2 m
Material Wire-wound sensor, four-core nickel conductors insulated in high-temperature fibreglass with stainless steel overbraid
Handle No
Connector 4-pin mini-DIN

*For use on USB PT104 data logger only.